The Future is Now!

Ever since the beginning of civilization there have been dreamers with thoughts of the future in their heads. From the 1950s sci-fi explosion to the modern infatuation with the uncanny valley, popular media has always reflected this. But, now we are really living in the world of tomorrow.

Future Electronics

Not only are a good number of people in the world walking around with computers in their pockets that would make the original space shuttle feel envy, but those super computers allow us to connect to and control other devices in our homes.

The next step toward the future is home automation and it is not a dream. We are not talking about a HAL 9000 level AI controlling and deciding our lives for us either. Home automation has the goal of streamlining our lives and making our homes more efficient as a whole as well as customizing every aspect of our own environment to our likings. I want my home to be like a perfectly tuned bio-dome inside of a highly advanced spaceship. We are so close.

Dreams of deep space travel aside, home automation offers us further benefits beyond comfort. From regulating and controlling the energy efficient lighting to adjusting the heating and cooling system for optimal efficiency, using computers to monitor and regulate these systems helps us get more out of them and waste less energy. Using energy more efficiently will lead to lower costs for the home owner as well. Of course, using high efficiency appliances, led lights and heating systems will change your utility bills for the better. That's just the first step. High precision control as done by a computer is the right step.

For those of us concerned with home safety, which should be all of us, home automation has something to offer. Earlier I mentioned the super computers that we all carry with us, which are known as cell phones. With an automated home and a constant connection to the internet, we can get constant status updates of our security system along with the running of our home.

I love the future.

Contributed by Robert Lobitz, fellow homeowner