Home Theater System

Below is a schematic picture of a basic Control4 home theater control system with the ability to stream digital audio to 2 other rooms in the house. Control4 products connect via a home network using standard Ethernet or 802.11b/g wireless Ethernet connections. The diagram also shows Zigbee (IEEE 802.15.4) mesh networking for reliable command transmission between user interface devices like the System Remote Control or the Wireless LCD Keypad and the system controller. This handheld remote allows you to easily navigate the on screen interface to watch a DVD, select a favorite TV channel, or launch your favorite music playlist, and will replace the 4 or more remotes you may now be using to control your entertainment complex.

Multi-Room Audio

The above system includes a HC-200 Home Controller with System Remote Control, one Ethernet Speaker Point with Remote Control, one Wifi Speaker Point, and a Wireless LCD Keypad. The Speaker Points receive the digital audio transmission from the HC-200 Controller and convert to stereo outputs for speakers located in the two other rooms. The second Remote Control and the LCD Keypad provide a user interface to the system in those rooms providing complete control over the audio selection of each room. Note a different music selection can be played in each room while a DVD is being simultaneously viewed in the theater room. Note, instead of a System Remote, iPhone/iPad owners can opt for a Mobile Navigator License and download the free Control4 app from Itunes.

HC200 Controller Rear

The rear of the HC-200 Controller (HC200) shows the connectivity supported by this system, which includes:

  • 1 mini-jack audio input and 1 analog audio output
  • Component video and composite video outputs for the HDTV on-screen display
  • IR: 1 front panel input,1 front panel blaster output, 4 output 3.5mm jacks
  • Serial: 2 IR jacks are configurable to serial using optional DB9 cables
  • USB: 1 rear USB 2.0
  • Ethernet: 10/100base-T (802.3), RJ45 jack
  • WiFi (802.11g) using optional USB adaptor

Attach a USB-connected disk drive or memory stick to the HC200 USB port and you have a music server that will stream digital audio from your USB storage to each of the 3 rooms controlled by this system. If you need the USB port for a WiFi adaptor, the HC200 can stream digital music from a network drive on a home PC instead. The serial input option allows the HC200 to monitor the zones and arm/disarm any supported security system.

The ultimate flexibility and simplicity of the Control4 Home Theater System will enhance your home entertainment experience like no other product in it's price range! If you're not ready for a complete home theater solution today, get going with our Starter System Special and take advantage of the universal remote capability (URC) of the home controller with built-in smart home features ready for easy future expansion when you are. Control4's ability to seamlessly add new capability for lighting or climate controls, audio/video distribution, or security system integration is unmatched by any other URC solution on the market today!

The pictured affordable home theater system above can be yours for just $1,775.00 plus installation!

The Starter System Special is just $359.00 plus installation for a Home Controller 200B plus a System Remote 150 or $389.00 plus installation for a Home Controller 200B plus an iPhone/iPad Device License!

Contact us today to get started!

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